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Skincare Tips For Sensitive Skin

        Having sensitive skin can be tough. It might feel like whenever you put anything on your face, your skin is rebelling. No matter what new makeup, scrub, or product you try to use, you just cannot win. Here are some tips to soothe your sensitive skin so you can learn to pamper your skin and avoid irritation. Soon you will have healthy and glowing skin.

        A common mistake that a lot of people with sensitive skin make is not testing out their products first. Maybe you read a review and think this product will be perfect for you, but then you just end up being irritated again. Always test first, apply second. When using a new product, do a test run on a small part of your body, like behind your ear. Wait at least 24 hours for any signs of irritation, redness, or other skin breakouts. If your skin is hypersensitive, you can repeat the test on another small part of your skin, like on a patch next to your eyelid. If you are all clear at this point, you should be safe to apply on other parts of your skin.

        Make sure you are always reading labels, so you know what ingredients you are applying to your skin. Look for products free from fragrance and paraben preservatives. These are the two most common causes of irritation and flare ups. The shorter the ingredients list, the better. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using products with less than 10 ingredients for sensitive skin. A longer list of ingredients makes it more likely for you to be irritated.

        Do not over wash or over exfoliate your skin. Try not to wash your face more than twice a day, anything more than that may be too sensitive for your skin. You still need to try and wash wisely to keep your pores clear. Use a cleanser that is formulated for sensitive skin but is not so gentle that you need to scrub hard. It is important to be gentle and to also avoid rubbing your skin when you are drying it. Apply moisturizer right away for maximum absorption. Since your skin is easily overwhelmed, it is best to keep your products simple. Use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer.

        You can still wear make up! Just because your skin is delicate does not mean you have to toss away all make up. Use a mineral powder or silicone-based foundation to lessen the likelihood of irritation. Avoid waterproof mascara since it requires a harsh cleanser to remove it. Use eyeliner in pencil form, not liquid. Liquids often contain latex and may cause irritation. Clean your make up brushes regularly and get rid of any old make up.   

        Wear sunscreen! If you have sensitive skin, you are likely extra sensitive to the sun. You should always wear sunscreen year-round with an SPF 30+ to protect your delicate skin from aggravating rays. If you find yourself being sensitive to sunscreen, look for sunscreens with zinc oxide, these are less likely to cause a skin reaction.

        Your skin may be more than just sensitive on your face. Use fragrance free bar soap when washing your body. Keep your shower time short, under 10 minutes if you can, and use warm but not hot water. Do not use loofahs because these can irritate the skin. Right after you shower, always apply moisturizer to seal in the moisture from your shower and prevent dryness.

        Sensitive skin does not have to be a brutal experience. Sometimes, even if you are careful about what you are applying to your body, you can still have a reaction. Take a step back and try something new. Eventually, you will find the perfect products for you. Dr. Kurzman has his very own line of skincare products to help you protect your skin. We are happy to evaluate your skin and recommend a perfect skincare regimen just for you. Do not ignore your skin because it is sensitive, there’s something out there for your skin type!

Samantha Durst

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