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Medical Grade Skincare vs. Over-the-Counter Products

       Skincare is one of the most important parts of your daily routine, but are using the right products? There are tons of skin care advice being thrown around but not all of it is good advice. Some of this advice can be harmful to your skin and health. Keep reading to learn about over the counter skincare products vs medical grade products and which of Dr. Kurzman’s skincare products will be perfect for you.

        When it comes to skincare, getting the results you want come at a cost, but investing in your skin is an important long-term gain. Medical grade skincare products give lasting results. Over the counter products are generally less expensive than medical grade products. You may save money opting for over counter the products, but you will not get the results worth your time that our skincare products will produce. If you go into the drug store you can find cheap products, but when it comes to skincare products it is true that you get what you paid for.

         Over the counter products sit at the top of the skin. You need products that can penetrate deep into layers of the skin so they can do their job. Medical grade products are designed to do this, they penetrate the epidermis and affect deep layers of the skin. Real skin changes happen inside the skin, not at the surface. Over the counter skincare products are not required to have clinical studies done. They are not held at the same standard as medical grade skincare products. Medical grade products go through extensive testing and years-long research. By law, they must have a 99.9% pure active ingredient. Before being used by the public there must be evidence that the product is beneficial and does what it advertises. This is not the case with over-the-counter products. Over the counter products may be able to make a lot of claims on their packaging, but likely cannot back them up.

        Over the counter products are designed to work on majority of the population. This makes the concentration of their active ingredient relatively low. This is done so their products do not negatively affect the general population. Medical grade skincare products have a higher content of the active ingredient. Over the counter products allow you to self-diagnose your skin and select which skincare product you think will work best. When you use a medical grade skincare product, a medical professional examines your skin and prescribes the product that will adequately address the issues you have. Dr. Kurzman will recommend the perfect skin regimen using our skincare products.   

         The main difference between over the counter and medical grade is that medical grade can only be prescribed by a doctor. Over the counter products are not held to the same standard as medical grade products. Not only do over the counter products not have to best tested, but they also contain random fillers. Over the counter products are formulated to work on everyone, no matter their skin type. Using medical grade products allows you to use products that are more tailored towards your skin type and your needs.

         Next time you are looking for the perfect skincare product or skincare routine, give us a call. We have a variety of medical grade skincare products and Dr. Kurzman or our PA Caitlyn will examine your skin and suggest the right ones for you. Learn about all our products by visiting the “Skincare Products” tab on our website.

Samantha Durst

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